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TALKS: archive 2022

The event team continue the hard work to bring you interesting & thought-provoking talks.  We hope you enjoy exploring the variety of 2022 talks & events.

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Image by Viktor Talashuk

Freshers talk:
Asteroid Science

Samuel L. Jackson

recorded February 2022

Join Samuel Jackson as he talks to us about his postgraduate research observing the brightness variations of Near-Earth Asteroids using the OU's very own robotic telescope facilities.

Space Missions: 2021 review & what's happening in 2022 

Philip Price FRAS

recorded January 2022

Philip Price gives an overview of the upcoming year, from new telescopes, through to new technology and onto maiden flights.... 2022 will be a busy year to remember.

Screenshot 2023-01-24 192956.jpg

The History of space rockets

Philip Price FRAS

recorded March 2022

Join Philip Price FRAS as he recaps the story of how space rockets were developed and takes us through the history that led up to the first historic flight by Yuri Gagarin in Vostok 1

Flashes of Creation

Paul Halpern

recorded April 2022

Paul Halpern breaks down the great debate over the Big Bang and the continuing quest to understand the fate of the universe.

We apologise for the small edit near the start due to the slides not moving on.

big bang.jpg

Using Hubble to reveal
the impostor

Seán Brennan

recorded August 2022

Recent observations of a group of bright explosions where, until recently, we were unsure whether we were observing the death of a massive star or something else. Hubble helps us see them for what they are.

Tackling the problem of sustainability in space

Gary Thurlow

recorded October 2022

In this talk Gary Thurlow presents the latest additive manufacturing research and a glimpse into spaceflight instrument final assembly for missions to the moon and beyond.

Tim art.jpg

Designing Space Mission Patches: what does it take?

Tim Gagnon

recorded 2022

Having designed several mission patches himself, Tim reveals what it takes to deliver an eye-catching & meaningful design

How to get a PhD place

Ian Muirhead

recorded December 2022

Join us as OU Physics graduate and associate lecturer Ian Muirhead talks about his experience in taking the next steps in academia to become a PhD researcher.

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