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TALKS: archive 2023

Our events continue into 2023.

With some fascinating ones already below to watch and many more planned.

(Link out to YouTube)

Image by NASA

Space Missions review 2022 & what 2023 holds

Philip Price FRAS

recorded January 2023

A brief review of major space missions and events in 2022, plus a look forward to what is planned in 2023. From delayed launches, through to new technology and onto maiden flights.... 2023 will be a busy year in space exploration.

Britain's first space rocket

Robert H Brand

recorded March 2023

The history of the first British rocket to reach space; from concept to launch and its influence on Britain's early space programme

carina neb.png

JWST at work

John Thatcher

recorded April 2023

Join us as we learn more about the instruments on JWST from the project manager of one of them.

We will also be reviewing images from the largest space telescope ever launched.

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