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TALKS: archive 2021

The event team work hard to find a thought-provoking range of FREE talks from experts within the space industry & field.

Below are links to some of our past talks.

(Link out to YouTube)

Image by Jason H

All things spacey
down under

Josh Keegan

recorded December 2021

Josh Keegan explains current and future efforts of the Australian Space Agency. Spacey in Australia 🇦🇺 or Bridging the gap between Australia and Space: An overview of the Australian Space Industry in a Space 2.0 world

From micrometeoroids in SMILE to radiation in Roman

Tom Buggey

recorded December 2021

Tom has been working in the space-based imaging field since 2017, predominantly focused on the European Space Agency mission SMILE. His work is now branching out to new missions and technologies.

Image by Alexandre Debiève

A multi-sensory inspection of the Universe

Dr Chris Harrison & Dr Nic Bonne

recorded November 2021

Dr Chris Harrison and Dr Nic Bonne show us the fascinating world of multi-sensory astronomy. An introductory tour of projects from around the world that present astronomical data or phenomena through tactile models and sound.

A meandering journey through UK Space

Craig Brown

recorded October 2021

Craig Brown tells us of his personal experiences as a gay man navigating the space sector and why promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion are important for us all.

Image by Rodrigo Ramos

Space, ice &
everything nice

Grace Richards

recorded 5 October 2021

Open University PhD student Grace Richards studies Enceladus, which is an icy moon of Saturn, building systems to grow ice, replicating that on Enceladus.

image credit: NASA

Alien worlds: The Tale Of Stellar Companions

Dr Jenifer 'Dust' Millard

recorded 23 September 2021

We explore the exciting world of exoplanets! The origins of this fascinating branch of astronomy (it's older than you think) and discover the extraordinary variety of planets in our galaxy. To end, we'll answer the age-old question: is there anybody there?

Please note the first minute of the talk is missing due to techical issues

Jen talk image.jpg

Music of the Stars

Dr Emily Brunsden

recorded 31 August 2021

Learn all about Astroseismology - the study of pulsation produced by vibrational physics in stars - and the musical voice each star has.

Please note the first couple of minutes of the talk are missing due to techical issues

First Light 

Dr Emma Chapman

recorded 20 July 2021

Dr Emma Chapman, Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow at Imperial College London talks about the first stars in the universe.

first stars.jpg

 Lunar In-Situ Resource Utilisation

Dr Hannah Sargeant

recorded 12 May 2021

Presented by the Open University’s very own Dr Hannah Sargeant discussing her research on Lunar in-situ resource utilisation (ISRU).

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