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I gave Zooniverse,which is a citizen science website, which has lots of opportunities
to take part in real science research, a mention in last month’s issue. This particularproject ‘Cosmological Jelly Fish’ may be of interest to space science students.

There are lots of galaxies out there. Some resemble jelly fish in shape. The research
team, want to know more about these, how they form etc. However, where you and
citizen science come in, is to help identify these galaxies so they can be added to the
research. One of the theories of formation seems to be around “ram-pressure

There is so much we don’t know, and have yet to discover about the universe. It is great that people
can get involved.
Seems quite interesting, it reminds me of the pilot episode of Star Trek: The next generation (Encounter
at Farpoint), where the alien thing they find, resembles a jelly fish.

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