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A mission called EnVision has been selected as the 5th medium class mission in the ESA Cosmic Vision
programme. The aim of the EnVision mission is to investigate Venus by researching past and present
volcanic activity and tracking the key volcanic gases that sustain its clouds and hostile environment.
Venus is the most similar to Earth in size, composition & distance to our Sun & Venus in the past might
have been habitable with liquid water before it developed into the inhospitable planet we know it as
today. The EnVision mission has been designed to study how geological activity throughout time has
driven the evolution of Venus’ climate and habitability.

Data will be collected by an orbiter called EnVision, which is expected to launch in 2031. It will take 15
months to reach Venus, where it will take a further 16 months of aerobraking to get into its low circular
orbit. Once this stage is achieved, the satellite will start its 4-year scientific study.

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