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Captain's Log: Entry 01 - My adventures begin

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

26th November 2021

Space Park Leicester

Hey there Captain's Crew,

Did you know I am sometimes called a water bear?!

Let me know what other names you know for me in the comments below.

Me and some of my crew

(L-R David Talbot, Me, Tracy Thompson and Gary Thurlow)

I had a wonderful first official outing at Space Park Leicester at their community open evening. There was lots of food and drink but unfortunately no moss for me. (Note to self pack my own snacks)

We got to talk to all the wonderful people that work and run the space park about the work they do and what their hopes for the future are. I was even told that other tardigrades live there too!

They have a really big clean room for building satellites and lots of labs for super cool experiments.

My favourite bit was being 3D scanned to show the detail of their 3D printing machines, although I got a little dizzy going around and around.

I asked the nice people there if I could come back with some friends (that means you) and they said YES!

My crew will keep you updated as it hasn't finished being built and set up fully yet.

You can find out all about Space Park Leicester here Home - Space Park Leicester (

That is all for now, until my next adventure.

All the best

Captain Tardi McTardiface

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