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Lift-off for European Union's new space programme - BBC News

The European Union has launched its new space programme. This was reported by Jonathan Amos
Science correspondent on the BBC website [16]. The new programme will run until 2027 and will see
collaboration of the 27 member states. The focus will be on navigation satellites, earth observation and
secure communications and wull be called EUSPA (EU Agency for the Space Programme).

The EU understands how space is going to transform the future, so this is a bold and ambitions plan to
ensure that the EU remains on the forefront of developments. Even though the UK is no longer part of
the EU, it will still play an important part in proceedings. As the UK invested heavily in the EU Satellite
Navigation system. The UK voted in favour of EUSPA but as part of this ensured in doing so that jobs
for UK nationals will still be available, as in British nationals won’t be excluded from employment within
related industries. Along with this the UK also ensured the UK can still invest in these new innovations
but not lose the ability to use them once developed. Two red lines, that ensures British expertise will
play a part and the UK won’t lose out in the process and helps to safeguard the UK’s interests.

Investment : “The EU needs the UK's expected subscription of about €800m up to 2027” , which, given
the cost of the pandemic is probably not very much to invest given the huge gains and opportunities
that will come from this. By investing we also safeguard access to the Satellite navigation system.

You can read more and there is a link to EUSPA for completeness. So exciting times ahead for
Europe as we strive to, both compete and collaborate with interested parties and at the same time
ensure we keep up with the US, China and Russia on Space issues.

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